Sports Medicine

Taking Care of Our Student Athletes

The Sports Medicine Center at UNC Health Blue Ridge teamed up with Burke County Public Schools in 2007 to offer athletic training and medical supervision for student-athletes to reduce the number of injuries and to properly treat injuries as they occur.

Regardless of sport season, certified athletic trainers are stationed at all four high schools in Burke County and they also serve the five middle schools. These athletic trainers can play a vital role in preparing our student-athletes and getting them back in the game when injuries occur. Their services may include treatment of athletic injuries, providing physician referral and educating the athlete as well as the parents and coaches on injury prevention, strength training and conditioning.

The Sports Medicine Center also has formed a partnership with local physicians to provide a physician for each varsity home football game. Each Saturday morning during football and soccer season, the Sports Medicine Center holds an injury clinic staffed by a sports medicine professional. This provides an avenue for athletes to see the appropriate provider for their type of injury.

Since the Sports Medicine Center is part of the UNC Health Blue Ridge family, it can offer even more to the schools, parents and athletes. The center has access to MRIs, emergency services, surgery suites, inpatient care and rehab services – almost any type of service an athlete would ever need for their healthcare needs right here in Burke County.

The Sports Medicine Center and UNC Health Blue Ridge provide free sports physicals during our Athlete at Heart event for student-athletes in middle school, high school and home-school at the end of each school year. We also have computerized baseline concussion testing for football, soccer, basketball, wrestling and lacrosse.