Emergency Services

Providing Care When You Need It
Emergency Building

When you need care now, we are here. We treat patients of all ages for minor and major injuries. We also offer behavioral health evaluation, treatment, and referrals. UNC Health Blue Ridge is Acute Stroke Ready Certified facility.

The Emergency Departments at our Morganton and Valdese locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our physicians are trained in emergency medicine, and our nurses are trained to handle a wide variety of emergency situations. We are dedicated to treating patients quickly, accurately and with respect.

Understanding your values, goals, and preferences is an important part of us taking care of you. The care team may ask you some questions to better understand how we can best care for you. Some examples are:
  • Do you have transportation home?
  • Do you have someone to provide care at home? 
If your answer is no, your care team can assist you with community resources based on your needs.

Passport to Care

As you go through our Emergency Department, let this Passport to Care help guide you.
  • Remember: Do not eat or drink anything until you have been seen by a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Tell a nurse right away if you start to feel worse.
  • Care Team: Our team will work hard to keep you informed during your visit. Your safety and personalized care are our top priorities. If you have any concerns about your care, please speak up immediately and ask to speak to a clinical supervisor.
  • For friends and family: We recognize the value of family participation in the care of your loved one. Please remain with the patient to receive updates and answer any necessary questions the providers may have. Lastly, please make necessary arrangements for your loved one if they are discharged home.

The steps of your care are:

Step 1: Triage
A registered nurse will listen to why you are here and take your blood pressure and temperature. 

Step 2: Patient Evaluation
If there is an available room, someone will take you there.
  • Fast Track: This is an extension of our Emergency Department that focuses on illnesses or complaints that require fewer resources than other ailments. 
  • Acute: This area is for patients requiring a longer stay and more resources.
  • Waiting Room: If there are no beds available, your testing may start in the waiting room.
Step 3: Testing and Treatment
At this point, a provider has decided you need tests, treatment, or both. Some tests are: 
  • X-rays: Results may come back quickly but must be looked at by a provider. 
  • Blood/Lab tests: After we take your blood, our lab runs tests, and it may take some time for your results to be complete. 
  • CT Scan or Ultrasound: These are special tests that the provider may order based on your complaints. The care team will explain them to you if they are needed.
Step 4: Admission or Discharge
After reviewing your test and/or treatment results, your care team will discuss with you whether you need to be admitted into the hospital or discharged to go home.

Two convenient locations for all of your emergency needs:

Valdese - 720, Malcolm Boulevard, Valdese NC
Nine rooms; 2 fast-track rooms

Morganton - 2201 S. Sterling St Morganton NC
20 rooms; 3 fast track rooms

When every second counts, we are here. 
We hope you don’t need us, but when you do, we are here.

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