Covid Safe

At UNC Health Blue Ridge, we have a track record of clinical excellence. A big part of that recognition is our dedication to keeping you safe across all care locations. We have safety measures across all locations – so you can feel confident and comfortable each time you visit us.

What does COVID-Safe care mean?

Here are some examples of what we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

  • Coronavirus screenings – All patients are screened before their visit, and employees are screened every day.
  • Rapid coronavirus testing – In addition to testing patients before procedures, our in-house lab achieves results up to 3 days faster than other local healthcare providers.
  • Clean facilities – We work hard to fight germs with extensive cleaning and disinfectant protocols at every location.
  • PPE for patients – All patients are offered appropriate personal protective equipment before visits, like face masks.
  • Separate treatment areas and clinical teams – To protect them both, coronavirus and non-coronavirus patients are treated in separate areas.
  • Virtual coronavirus hospital – We have the first-of-its-kind COVID-19 Virtual Hospital, which allows COVID-positive patients to receive care in the comfort of their own home.
  • Leading by example – Our employees follow the latest best practices, including wearing the appropriate protective equipment and frequent handwashing.

How to get care

To schedule an appointment, call your doctor’s office or CALL 828-580-1344. You can also check out our on-demand care options, like urgent care and 24/7 video visits, when you need care quickly or don’t want to leave home.