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At UNC Health Blue Ridge our nurses are making a difference. Every day, nurses in our system step forward to lead the way in delivering quality care that is fundamentally patient-centered, professional, innovative and safe.

More than 450 Registered Nurses work full-time, part-time, and PRN throughout our organization, and each brings a unique perspective to the profession, to the unit and to our nursing team.

UNC Health Blue Ridge Nursing is on a journey to Magnet status, a move that will make our system a destination for nursing practice. As part of this journey, we have a strong and well-established Shared Governance Council with both organizational and unit-based structure. These councils serve to empower our front-line nurses to have a voice to address concerns, recommend practice improvements, introduce new technologies and share in determining direction of nursing professional practice within the organization.

Nursing has adopted Relationship-Based Care (RBC) as our nursing care model throughout the organization. Patients and families are at the center of our care- and at the center of every decision that is made. RBC is a practice model that empowers nurses to place priority on why they entered the health care profession in the first place – to impact lives and help people. RBC is built around three key relationships: the relationship with yourself, your teammates, and the crucial relationship our nurses build with each patient and their families.

At UNC Health Blue Ridge, we embrace lifelong learning and professional growth and have put programs in place to offer incentives for RNs seeking to advance their education, obtain specialty certification, and grow dimensionally in their practice. Our leadership puts emphasis on creating and honoring open, trusting teammate relationships. These relationships are built by a commitment to a just culture, as opposed to a culture of blame.

You have chosen a career to be proud of in the most trusted profession. The responsibility for creating your own nursing legacy cannot be delegated. We firmly believe that the patient and their families don’t remember what you did, as much as they remember how you made them feel. We pass this philosophy on to our nurses to foster a nurturing, caring environment to enable you to grow professionally as well as personally and take your practice to the next level. If this sounds like the kind of organization you would like to join, we would love to speak with you, offer a shadowing opportunity or tour the facility.

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