Drug-Free Workplace

UNC Health Blue Ridge is committed to an environment that is safe and healthy for patients, residents, members, teammates, physicians, visitors and others. The unlawful or unauthorized use, possession, concealment, manufacture or sale of controlled substances by any teammate is inconsistent with this commitment and with UNC Health Blue Ridge’s values, standards of behavior, mission, vision, the expectations of our customers and the laws of the land. Such behaviors subject everyone in the system to unacceptable risks and compromise UNC Health Blue Ridge’s ability to operate safely, effectively and efficiently. UNC Health Blue Ridge is committed to maintaining a workplace where teammates are free from impairment caused by drugs and alcohol whether on the job or in any UNC Health Blue Ridge facility, vehicles, or on the grounds.


UNC Health Blue Ridge shall be a drug and alcohol-free workplace, prohibiting the unlawful or unauthorized possession, use, manufacture, distribution or dispensing of alcohol, illegal drugs, controlled substances or other substances that adversely affect the performance of duties by teammates.


  • To enhance the safety of patients, residents, members, teammates, physicians, visitors and others.
  • To support the delivery of quality care and excellent service in a responsible, professional, efficient and effective manner.
  • To comply with local, state and federal laws and the requirements of accrediting and regulatory bodies.
  • To protect the property and reputation of the system as the cornerstone of healthcare delivery in the community.
  • To provide assistance toward rehabilitation for teammates who self-report prior to being screened for substance abuse.


  • Alcohol: Any beverage sold or consumed that has an alcoholic content equal to or in excess of 0.5% by volume.
  • Illegal Drug: Any drug defined as illegal, under federal, state, or local laws which include, but are not limited to marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines not prescribed for current personal treatment by a licensed physician with a valid DEA license
  • Illegal Drug Use: The detectable presence of an illegal drug or unauthorized substance in a teammate’s body
  • Possession: When an individual is found to have illegal drugs, inappropriate alcohol or controlled substances on his/her person or in his/her personal effects, motor vehicle, tools, equipment, desk, locker, files or work area under his/her control.
  • Post-accident Screening: Drug and alcohol testing performed in the event a teammate sustains a work-related injury resulting from engaging in unsafe behaviors and either causes injury to co-workers, patients or the public, or damages CHS Blue Ridge property.


Care teammates shall be required to report anyone who may be in violation of this policy to management or Human Resources. Human Resources shall be consulted prior to any disciplinary action regarding this policy. All communications between involved teammates regarding enforcement of this policy shall be handled confidentially and on a need-to-know basis. Breach of confidentiality and failure to report shall be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Any teammates who believes that he/she has developed an addiction to, a dependence on, or a problem with alcohol or drugs, legal or illegal, shall be expected to immediately seek confidential assistance through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Under certain specific conditions, employees may voluntarily seek treatment through the EAP without sustaining the equivalent of a positive drug test on their record. If an alcohol/drug test has been initiated as a result of random selection or “reasonable suspicion” prior to the teammate’s contacting of the EAP, the teammate shall be expected to cooperate with the test and accept any resulting disciplinary action, consistent with policy.

This is just an overview of our Alcohol and Drug Use Policy. You may ask for the complete policy at Human Resources.