Published on September 10, 2021

In August Alone, Blue Ridge Provided Monoclonal Antibody Therapy (mAb therapy) to 295 Patients

providers in scrubsBLUE RIDGE HEROES!! In August, UNC Health Blue Ridge provided monoclonal antibody therapy (mAb therapy) to 295 patients. That’s more than all months combined since December 2020.

With monoclonal antibody therapy, we now have a way to help prevent severe COVID symptoms from developing in high-risk patients. On Aug. 27, during a COVID surge with limited planning time, increased demand of resources, and chaos, a team of Blue Ridge heroes displayed care, commitment, integrity, and teamwork – our core values.

This unique, multidisciplinary group came together to pull off a display of “Blue Ridge Magic.” In just two days, with help from our fantastic infusion team, Blue Ridge Medical Group, Pharmacy, and Administration, we were able to transform the Valdese Medical Office Building basement into a clinic, preventing treatment delays and increasing accessibility to the treatment.

The clinic treated 25 patients in just 5 hours, all while our infusion center kept their momentum going and treated 22 patients. That day, several patients voiced their relief and thankfulness for this team and the opportunity to receive treatment. The clinic wouldn’t have been possible without the support and care we see each day given by our teammates to our teammates.

As COVID numbers continue to increase in our area, we continue to look for ways to decrease hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room by COVID-positive patients. One way we can do this is through monoclonal antibody therapy. As the COVID diagnosis numbers have increased, so have referrals to our infusion center for this therapy.