Community Benefit at UNC Health Blue Ridge

2020 Community Benefits (rounded to nearest dollar)

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  • $14,044,113 | Costs of financial assistance to uninsured patients
  • $8,224,835 | Bad debt costs by patients who do not pay for services
  • $31,965,187 | Losses incurred by serving Medicare patients*
  • $23,370,053 | Losses incurred by serving Medicaid patients*
  • $544,963 | Costs of community-building activities and other services that meet a strong community need, but do not pay for themselves and would normally be cut based on financial considerations alone
  • $3,930,382 | Costs of professional medical education, research, and cash and in-kind contributions to local nonprofits and charities
  • $82,079,533 | Total value of uncompensated care and other community benefits during 2019
  • 30.2% | Total value of uncompensated care and other community benefits as a percentage of operating expenses

*Medicare and Medicaid programs do not reimburse hospitals in a manner that compensates for the actual cost of treating their beneficiaries. Hospitals cannot turn these patients away or negotiate higher reimbursements. Government payers recognize this fact and expect hospitals to make up the difference through efficiencies and from other revenue sources. The financing of this unpaid government debt is considered a community benefit.